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Mr. Madasamay receives books from Mr. Balaji from USA.

Profile by Mr. Jegan Tharmaraj from Nabuur discussion.

Madasamay is 13 year old boy, we are sending him to school, he is now studying 8th std. He lost his parents already. His family is very poor , when he was small , his father killed his mother due to the family problem & family poor status. there was no income in the family & he is a drunker too. Then after that he also died due to ill health. these happened before we started the evening school there and so we didn't see their parents. after his parents died he had only one care that is his grandmother. few years back in a big air his small hunt kind of house also damaged(thatch) and from there it is started leaking, etc.

She was taking care of him in terms of food, etc by doing collie work. Now after she also died. Now we have more responsibility to take care of him & his future. He is not even having money to eat properly. Even though we take care of his other educational needs , he needs more care & support. He was staying in my house for 5 days for a change and now back to his He is now going to flower picking in the morning by which he gets Rs.10 and then go to school and come back to evening school. Earlier he used to involve in holiday activities but now a days he more do work(cattle work of other family) to earn money.

I have his photograph, attached. I am also standing there with him. Even though he has all these problem he is having nice heart & love us & we too. Lets see he is not remembering the bitter incidents in his past life and see the future and give two hands to him though the evening school and otherwise also.

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