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Rama Lakshmi

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Ms. Rama Lakshmi

"In my regular school, if I have a problem, they don’t really care. As I go to flower picking in the morning I sometime get late and they beat me of not doing homework and coming late. But in evening school, teacher Hema never beat me even if I came late. She ask me the problem and help me to do the home work in the evening school. She used to tell me that I am a good student that I am working and studying and I will become a successful. I love her and evening school. I always excited to go to evening school and meet my teacher and do home work & keyboard practice. They give new bag, notebook, zoometric box, etc."

Neighbour Sharon Tagle from Tokyo wrote a short story

"For 10 year-old Rama, attending her regular school in Tamil Nadu is not easy. She wakes up early, picks flowers for supplemental income, arrives to school late and gets beat up for lateness and incomplete homework. No surprise then that she feels a wee bit discouraged with school.

Rama lost her father at a young age. He died of heart problems and Rama and her mother were left alone to fend for themselves. Her mother sells idli from house to house to earn income, and Rama sometimes picks flowers to help her mother. Their income is not enough for their needs though, even their house is in less than perfect conditions. Despite having the will to study harder and be successful in the future, Rama lacks the proper support, both financially and morally, to continue going to school.

Rama finds some of the support she needs at HELP Evening School. Rama’s teacher Hema is more understanding when Rama is late and more encouraging about what Rama can accomplish if she studies hard. With her teacher’s more personal and caring approach, Rama feels a strong conviction that if she perseveres with school, she will be successful. No wonder Rama is excited about going to evening school to get help with her homework and even learn to use computers!"

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