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English letters

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Alphabet letters 1 - 13
letter <memorize /> pronunciation <memorize />
1.   A   a
2.   B   b biː
3.   C   c siː
4.   D   d diː
5.   E   e
6.   F   f ɛf
7.   G   g dʒiː
8.   H   h eɪtʃ
9.   I   i
10.   J   j dʒeɪ
11.   K   k keɪ
12.   L   l ɛl
13.   M   m ɛm
Alphabet letters 14 - 26
letter <memorize /> pronunciation <memorize />
14.   N   n ɛn
15.   O   o
16.   P   p piː
17.   Q   q kjuː
18.   R   r ɑr
19.   S   s ɛs
20.   T   t tiː
21.   U   u juː
22.   V   v viː
23.   W   w dʌbəl juː
24.   X   x ɛks
25.   Y   y waɪ
26.   Z   z zɛd (ziː in American English)


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