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Evening school in 2009

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Basic Education

The primary motto of HELP evening Schools is to mainstream the 42 children by providing them a employment oriented skill to make them stand in their own. In doing that, the first step is to provide them basic education upto 10th or 12th standard. The 42 children of Evening schools are being provided basic education successfully and they all attending their schooling as usual.

At the second objective of the evening schools is to provide them with a relevant (Market oriented skill) while they are attending the school so that when they finish their 10th or 12th standard these children would have acquired a skill. In doing that we had identified few job oriented training. Computer & Typing is one among them.

Skill Training

At a first of imparting computer & keyboard training, we had started keyboard training to these kids about 7 months back. Every weekend all these children are getting keyboarding, fingering, speed training in computer keyboard. As we rightly aimed, these children have learned proper keyboarding, typing methods and certain amount of speed even before they sit in front of the computer.

At a second step, Through the Support of the 3 Computers which are donated by TCS, we have started the Computer Training to these children. We have started this training 3 months back for the children who are adopted by evening school. In the first month most of the children were taught with switching on and switching off the computers and basic operating methods.

As all these children were taught keyboard operations they become familiars in operating keyboard. But as they were new to mouse operation. So to make them familiar & accurate in mouse movement and operation, from second month onwards these children were taught with drawing in Micro-soft Paint. This is not only helped the children in mouse operations but also it explored their creativity by painting whatever they wise. We could see the un-imaginary creative ideas of some children while they practice Ms-Paint.

At present about 80% percentage of the children who are targeted to basic computer training have reached WordPad. Rest of them are in painting stage. Keeping the children’s learning level in mind we are going little slow especially with some children who are in need of more attention.

After seeing the creativity of the children in painting, we are planning to use the paintings in someway which are stored in the computer. Few children are so smart and fast learners in computer including Madasamy who lost his parents.

All the other activities are carried out as usual.

Education sources for children

English: English Alphabet, English letters
Mathematics: Arithmetics training, Chess, Chess and mathematics
Chemistry: Actinoids, Lanthanoids, Multiplication table, Periodic table of chemical elements
Geography: Capitals of Indian states and union territories, India, Koli, Koliyankulam, Map of Tamil Nadu Indian cities: Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kanpur, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Surat
Languages: Language, Tamil language, Sanskrit

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