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Evening School in Koliyankulam

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South India - HelpTrust project

2007 - 2008

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Indian organization HELP Trust started the Evening School in Koliyankulam in the fall of 2007 and in several months they had 42 students in the program. It was not easy to achieve this level of attendance, but after continuous propagation most of the guardians became interested in educating their children. They showed their support by actively participating in the parents' meetings. Visits to people's houses showed that they were happy with what we are doing. Community involvement is critical to the success of our project. We now start to see this involvement increase and the positive impact it has on the project. Kids like the activity-based training, games and life skills teaching at the school. The school tries to further develop our curriculum to expand on the possibilities available with this type of education. Kids understand the importance of education and can see its lasting and positive impact through roll play and other experiential learning activities.

Please visit HELP Trust website and GiveMeaning to learn more about HELP Trust and its fund raising activity.


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The primary motto of the HELP evening schools is to mainstream 42 children by providing them an employment oriented skills to make them stand on their own. In doing that, the first step is to provide them basic education up to 10th or 12th standard. 42 children of Evening school are being provided basic education successfully and they all attend their schooling as usual.

Skill Training

At a first of imparting computer & keyboard training, we had started keyboard training to these kids about 7 months back. Every weekend all these children are getting keyboarding, fingering, speed training in computer keyboard. As we rightly aimed, these children have learned proper keyboarding, typing methods and certain amount of speed even before they sit in front of the computer. At a second step, through the Support of the 3 Computers which are donated by TCS, we have started the Computer Training to these children. We have started this training 3 months back for the children who are adopted by evening school. In the first month most of the children were taught with switching on and switching off the computers and basic operating methods. More...

2010 - 2011

Thirparappu waterfalls

Thanks to benefactors, our 42 children have had a very happy and eventful year 2011. Through the unconditional love and care of our staff - Hema and Nadhiya, they are daring to dream big, giving wings to latent creativity and blooming as dynamic persona.

1. Picnic

During the annual holidays (May 2011), 26 children of ages 10 and above were taken on a one day long sight seeing trip to World famous tourist spots in Kanyakumari. The photos of the children, enjoying themselves at the waterfalls and other places, speak more than words. Their wildest dream had come true!

At Thirparappu Water Falls

Thirparappu falls, located at a distance of 5 km from Kulasekaram is a natural beauty spot that attracts many tourists. It has a small pool for children to swim and enjoy. All our children cooled off the summer heat in the pool and the chilling water falls with cheerful enthusiasm. More...

2012 - 2013

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This year we branch out and launched a compassion campaign Fulfill a wish (FFAW) under the umbrella of Help trust. FFAW seeks to actualize the wishes of children and inspire people to indulge in providing happiness through act of giving. Since the wishes enlisted are of children with restricted access to resources, FFAW also caters as an avenue to instill confidence in them and encourage them towards a bright future.

  • January - Livelihood Training Center started
  • March - Launch of Fulfill a wish
  • May - children touch the sky
  • June - Sarvanan on his way to success
  • July - launch of another Evening school


About Koliyankulam


The Evening school is located at Koliyankulam near the Vadakkankulam, which is 22 km from Nagercoil, 30 km from Kanyakumari (tourist place) and 80 km from Madurai.


The people from the community struggle for their livelihood, live in small one room thatched roof houses and often need their children to work to support the family. Education and vocational training for kids can break the underemployment and low income in this community. We decided to help the future of the community by providing educational and other support.


An international team of volunteers from Nabuur - the global neighbour network - is working to improve our project. You can join the team at

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Map points to Vadakankulam, the closest location available on Google.

Education sources for children

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Mathematics: Arithmetics training, Chess, Chess and mathematics
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Geography: Capitals of Indian states and union territories, India, Koli, Koliyankulam, Map of Tamil Nadu Indian cities: Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kanpur, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Surat
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